Twilight The Traveler

Twilight the Traveler

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Twilight Sparkle was merely sent to the caves beneath Canterlot in canon, but what if Chrysalis, who’d received a large power boost recently, and who’d realized that putting Cadance and Twilight in more or less the same place might be a bad idea, decided to use a spell she’d learned a long time ago, but never had the power to pull off. Twilight was sent to a parallel world. In this universe, or perhaps I should say multiverse, parallel worlds come in two flavors. ‘Line’ worlds, which are like parallel lines, never touching, even if they’re an atom apart, and ‘Mirror’ worlds, which are essentially alternate worlds that closely resemble their counterpart, save for a couple differences. Now on a quest to return home, what adventures await Twilight? Note that this is a crossover, and I claim nothing in here for my own. I will mostly use video games and shorter anime as the worlds she’ll visit, though OCs might exist.

175,000 words
Published 16th Jan 2014

Vile Peaks
Gapra Whitewoods
The Brand
Gearing Up
Palamecian Rescue or Things Get Complicated
A Very Unpleasant Ark
Welcome to Pulse
Oerba, Gateway to Eden
Eden and Orphan
A Pleasant Stroll… Or Not
Professor Stein
Death The Kid, Or, You Have OCD Too?!
Black Blood
Hospital Hijinks And Excalibur The Annoying!
The Enchanted Sword Masamune
Talk With The Devil
Omake: Alternate Worlds
Souls, Bonds, and Blood
Ghosts and Werewolves

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